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Contract farming
What is contract farming:-Contract farming is the production and supply of agricultural goods under forward agreements, typically at set rates, between farmers and processing and/or marketing companies. Additionally, the buyer is almost always required to provide some level of production support, such as the provision of technical guidance and the delivery of materials. Such agreements are based on the farmer’s commitment to provide a certain commodity in the quantities and to the quality standards specified by the purchaser, and the company’s commitment to purchase the commodity and support the farmer’s production.

Suguna poultry contract farming:

In India, poultry farming has undergone a significant transition during the previous three decades. The industry has transitioned into a well-organized network of integrated farming, sometimes known as “contract farming,” with the help of independent poultry farming techniques. Since 1984, more than 40,000 chicken farmers in India have benefited greatly from this effective “contract farming” model, which has completely changed their way of life.Suguna Foods has consistently helped the farming community by offering crucial assistance and advice on feed, nutrition, healthcare, and biosecurity. Over 580 million healthy birds are produced year because to this procedure of helping the farmer from beginning to end.

Contract farming UPSC:

The Act places a specific emphasis on defending farmers’ interests because it views them as the weaker of the two parties to a contract.
Contracts for services have been incorporated along the entire value chain, in addition to contract farming, and encompass pre-production, production, and post-production.

The district, block, or taluka level “Registering and Agreement Recording Committee” or “Officer” is responsible for providing the online sponsor registration and agreement recording services.

Produce under contract must be protected by crop and livestock insurance while it is in effect.

Contract drafting is believed to be exempt from the APMC Act.

Farmers’ land and premises cannot be used to build any permanent structures.
The sponsor shall not acquire any right, title, or interest in the land.

To encourage small and marginal farmers, farmer producer organizations (FPOs) and farmer producer companies (FPCs) have been promoted.

If approved by the farmers, FPO/FPC may be a contracting party.

There are no transferable, alienable, or vestable rights, titles, or possessions that belong to the contract farming sponsor, etc.

ensuring that the full pre-agreed amount of agricultural products, livestock, or their products from contract farming producers are purchased in accordance with the contract.

Services are offered at the village and panchayat levels by the Contract Farming Facilitation Group (CFFG), which promotes contract farming.

Quick resolution of disagreements is enabled by the provision of an accessible and straightforward dispute resolution system at the lowest level.
The structure of the Act is promotional and facilitative rather than regulatory.

Suguna poultry contract farming contact number:

Contact Us
Toll Free No – 1800 103 4343
Office No – +91 422 4073000
Mail Id –

Registered Address
Suguna Foods Pvt Ltd’s corporate address is Suguna Foods Pvt Ltd’s 6th Floor, Jaya Enclave, 1057, Savithri Shanmugam Road, No. 3, Race Course, Coimbatore, 641 018. Avinashi Rd, Coimbatore – 641 018.

Contract farming in India:

The small and marginal farmers in India are unlikely to be impacted by contract farming, which also includes many women farmers to assist in gaining access to better inputs. Only farms of a specified size are included in contract farming.
In addition to being limited to a few in-demand products for the agri-processing business, contract farming is also well suited for perishable goods. Such farmers have a considerably larger need for assistance with timely crop marketing. Through cold chain solutions, which include refrigerated vehicles for transportation, it can aid India in preserving its fresh produce.

Contract farming companies in India:

1) SAMI LABS LIMITED– A international health science firm called Sami Labs Limited specializes in the study and creation of natural components and standardized botanical extracts. Established in 1991 by renowned scientist and entrepreneur Muhammed Majeed, the business presently employs 120 scientists who work on the development of novel, patent-pending nutraceutical and cosmeceutical products. Sami Labs is dedicated to using sustainable development methods and huge 40,000 acres of contract farming in their product manufacture. The business, which has 258 US and foreign patents, provides a variety of services, such as the production of probiotics, speciality chemicals, and fine chemicals.

Identification code U24249KA1991PLC011880 GST number 29AADCS2549E1ZB
Address 2nd Phase, 19/1, 1st Main Rd, Nalagadderanahalli, Peenya, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560058, India, Type of Business Manufacturer
Bangalore, Karnataka is the location
Skus & Verticles
Adhatoda Extract, Other

2) PRAN BEVERAGES INDIA PVT LTD– A business that takes delight in offering high-quality goods that improve societal health, nutrition, and well-being is Pran Beverages India Pvt Ltd. The corporate culture of the organization is built on upholding professional ethics, and it recognizes and rewards talent while upholding a deadline-focused workflow. PRAN purchases its raw ingredients from contract farmers and supports its farmers by giving them financial support on all fronts. As a service provider, the company provides a variety of bakery and confectionery items, all of which have received excellent reviews for their superior quality. However, some reviews have called attention to problems that require improvement.

Identification No U15500WB2010PTC145385
Business Type maker Address New Town Square, 6th Floor, 6B1, Chinar Park, Atghara, Kolkata, West Bengal 700136, India Gst No 16AAFCP4564N1ZX
Location Skus & Verticles in North 24 Parganas, West Bengal
Toast, other, rust

3) INI FARMS PRIVATE LTD– With a concentration on pomegranates and bananas, InI Farms is a horticultural business with the following address: A-102 Boomerang, Chandivali Rd, Chandivali, Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400072
Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra, Andheri East
Verticles & Skus
Trading, Agriculture, Export, Other, Indian Bhagwa, Contract Farming, Horticulture, Fruits, Pomegranates

4) OG PLUS SERVICES– Services in the fields of healthcare, contract farming, vegetable processing, ITES, design, and venture capital.
ID number U72900KA2016PTC094152 GST number 29AACCO3312N1ZA
Address: 22 Dr Rajgopal Rd, Raj Mahal Vilas 2nd Stage, 2nd Floor Akai Plaza, Sanjaynagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560094, India
Bangalore, India
Verticles & Skus
Venture Capital, Coding, Graphic Design, Data Analytics, Contract Farming, Food Processing, Software Development, Other

5) NEO FOODS PVT LTD– Neo Foods specializes in pickling and preserving produce grown under contract farming; GST No. 29AABCN9826H1Z2; Identification No. U01122KA2004PTC034756
Neo Foods Pvt Ltd is located at Antharasanahalli, Tumakuru, Karnataka 572106 in India.
Location: Tumkur, Karnataka (Anthrasanahalli)
IB CORPORATE HOUSE, INDAMARA, PENDRI, Rajnandgaon, Chhattisgarh, 491441 Skus & Verticles Contract Farming, Fruits, Vegetables, Onion, Masala, Ginger, Apple, Other IB chicken contract farming contact information+91 7744224069

Type of contract farming:

Depending on the crop, the objectives and resources of the sponsor, as well as the experience of the farmers, contract farming can be set up in a variety of ways. Outsourcing production is a business choice that enables a sufficient supply within a specified timeframe and at a reasonable cost. Theoretically, any crop or livestock product may be leased out using any of the models; however, some goods benefit from particular strategies. Contract farming agreements typically fit into one of five models:

The centralized model
Involves a centralized processor and/or packer buying from a large number of small farmers
is utilized for dairy, poultry, annual crops, and tree crops.Products that frequently need a lot of processing, like vegetables or tea for canning or freezing, must adhere to tight quality control, quota allocation, and vertical coordination.
From low input provision by sponsors to the other extreme, where the sponsor controls the majority of production factors, sponsors’ involvement in production varies.

The nucleus estate model
is a variant of the centralized model in which the sponsor additionally oversees a central estate or plantation
The central estate is occasionally utilized exclusively for research or breeding reasons, but is typically employed to ensure throughput for the processing plant.
is frequently used in transmigration or relocation plans.
involves a large contribution of materials and managerial resources

The multipartite model
a number of entities, frequently including statutory bodies, may be involved.
can emerge from the centralized or nucleus estate types, such as when farmers band together to form cooperatives or when a financial institution becomes involved.
The unformal model
is characterized by sole proprietors or small businesses.
involves unofficial production contracts that are typically seasonal.
frequently needs assistance from the government, such as through research and extension
has a higher potential for extra-contractual marketing

The intermediary model
involves the sponsor engaging in subcontracting relationships with farmers and middlemen.
There is a risk that the sponsor will lose control over production, quality, and the prices farmers get.
Price per kilogram for suguna contract farming in 2022:

Patanjali contract farming:

Patanjali Ayurved Ltd. CIN: U24237DL2006PLC144789
In 2006, Patanjali Ayurved Limited was founded with an eye on both urban and rural development. The enterprise is more than just a business; it represents a way of thinking about how to use yoga and ayurveda to build a healthy society.
Our company appreciates its customers, and we think that by giving them high-quality products, we can help them live high-quality lives. This is our first concern, thus we make every effort to ensure quality by using tools like the Unique ID system to thwart counterfeit goods.
It acknowledges farmers as our greatest resource. They sell organic and herbal items through contract farming. The business offers farmers a variety of initiatives to increase their income and offer assurance over the selling of their produce.

Contract farming in Maharashtra:

For the purpose of empowering farmers in Maharashtra through contract farming, NAAM partnered with the Himalaya Drug Company. The goal was to encourage the sustainable growth of medicinal and herbal plants as a means of alternative subsistence. 13 farmers from the Aurangabad area grew tulsi on their farms as part of this pilot initiative.
The Himalaya Drug Company tested the soil and water before planting Tulsi to determine whether it would be suitable for crop growth. Additionally, the farmers received the proper instruction in land preparation, cultivation, harvesting, and packaging. In addition, transportation vehicles, packing supplies, and seeds were made available.
The partnership facilitated market connections that made it possible for the corporation to acquire back the produce. The farmers agreed to try this on half of their property after learning about the idea, with grains being grown on the remaining portion. During the pilot, about 10 acres of land were converted to Tulsi cultivation.

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