Top 10 Most Popular Romantic Places For Couples In Pune

Romantic places for couples in pune

Pune is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India because of its stunning forts. The forts, which are generally found at the summit of the Sahyadri mountain and are only a few miles from the heart of Pune, provide a beautiful perspective of the surrounding area. Pune is one of the trendiest places for couples, thanks in large part to its forts, beautiful scenery, expansive gardens, and a variety of fun and exciting game and sport venues. The city has all the amenities and thrills that make it the ideal destination for a romantic holiday for couples of any age.

India’s largest city for business, culture, and education is Pune. Pune is home to numerous well-known businesses and educational institutions. It is also one of India’s liveliest cities. Pune has received numerous rankings as “the safest city in India for couples.”
There are numerous famous spots that are ideal for couples to visit in Pune if you’re looking for romantic places for couples to visit in the pune . One of the cities in India that is most welcoming to couples is Pune.
The most romantic places in Pune to visit with your partner as well as well-liked couple attractions in Pune will all be covered in this post so you can spend some quality time with your special someone.
Here, I’ll give you a rundown of Pune’s top 10 private places for lovers seeking privacy, as well as the city’s best locations for passionate kissing and going out.

Romantic Places To Visit In Near Pune

Here are a few of Pune’s most romantic spots that showcase the city’s beauty as Maharashtra’s cultural center.
Pawna Lake
Tamhini Ghat Hill Station
Ghoradeshwar Hills
Vetal Hill
Okayama Friendship Garden
Osho Garden
Panshet Dam
Mulshi Dam

10 Best Couple-Friendly Places to Visit in Pune City
Here are Pune, Maharashtra’s top 10 most romantic places/locations for couples:

1.Lonavala, Pune

Within the Maharastra state’s Pune district sits the lovely hill town of Lonavala. It is among the top tourist locations in Maharashtra. Lonavala is the ideal hideaway in Pune for couples to go and spend some quality time together. The monsoon season is the ideal time to visit Lonavala, but the winter season is still an option.

2.Mulshi Lake & Dam, Pune

Families and couples like taking picnics at Mulshi Lake & Dam in the Pune district. It is one of the most romantic places in Pune to take your significant other. About 40 kilometers separate this stunning spot from Pune’s major metropolis. For couples looking for a romantic weekend trip in Pune, Mulshi Lake & Dam is ideal. It has a lot to offer, particularly for couples, including lovely surroundings, a tranquil atmosphere, and a romantic setting.

3.Pune-Okayama Friendship Garden

One of Pune, Maharashtra’s largest and most distinctive parks is the Pune-Okayama Friendship Garden. This well-known Garden is centered on the relationship between India and Japan. Numerous couples come to this area daily to spend some romantic time together. The park owned by this couple is located near Pune and spans ten acres of varied terrain.

4.Lohagad Fort, Pune

One of the well-known forts in India’s Maharashtra state is Lohagad Fort, also called Iron Fort. In Pune, this fort is a well-known tourist attraction. Although it is a hill fort, the hike up it is so simple that even inexperienced hikers may do it. One of the most romantic locations in the Pune district is Lohagad Fort. It is about 50 kilometers from Pune City’s mainland location.

5.Rajgad Fort, Pune

One of the most famous Maratha forts is Rajgad Fort, which is located in the Pune district on an old hill. It is a well-known tourist spot that is around 45 kilometers outside of Pune. A highly romantic & picturesque view of the lovely Pune suburbs may be had from Rajgad Fort. It is one of the most romantic destinations in Pune for couples, although getting to the Rajgad Fort requires a rather strenuous hill hike.

6.MG Road, Pune

One of Pune’s hippest neighborhoods is MG Road. It is one of Pune’s most diverse neighborhoods and commercial centers. In Pune, there are numerous renowned cafés and restaurants where couples can go on a romantic date. The MG Road Camp is the ideal location for you if you’re seeking for a romantic day trip in Pune.

7.Lavasa, Pune

Lavasa is a stunning, exclusive, and well-planned town that is situated in the Maharashtra state’s Pune area. Lavasa is mostly modeled after the Italian town of Portofino. The magnificent Western Ghats entirely encircle this modern metropolis. Lavasa is a romantic getaway for couples that is close to the city of Pune. It is one of India’s most fashionable and masterfully built cities.

8.Panshet Dam, Pune

One of the Pune district’s top Instagrammable locations is Panshet Dam. It is one of Pune’s most romantic locations for couples and is also known as Tanajisagar Dam. On the Ambi river, Panshet Dam is situated about 50 kilometers from Pune’s major city.

9.Pawna Lake, Pune

A reservoir turned artificial lake in the Pune district of Maharashtra is known as Pawna Lake, often spelt as Pavana Lake. It is a well-liked romantic destination in the Pune region, which is around 50 kilometers from the city of Pune’s mainland. Camping, fishing, and water sports are just a few of the adventure activities popular in Pawna Lake. At Pawna Lake, couples can take advantage of lakefront camping, live music, food, barbecue, free boating, kayaking, and other activities.

10.Empress Botanical Garden, Pune

One of Pune’s first parks, Empress Botanical, was established in 1838. Pune city offers a romantic, dream-like location for couples to visit. The Empress Botanical Garden is named for Queen Victoria, who was known as the “Empress of India” at the time. It is situated across from the Pune Race Course, next to the Southern Command of India, in the Kavade Mala neighborhood in Ghorpadi. The most romantic locations for couples to visit in Pune, Maharashtra, India, are those that have been previously listed. Please let us know about any additional Pune attractions that are good for couples by leaving a comment below if you are aware of any.


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